"Long Ago... A Bird's Eye View, Till Eternity" by Adidah Abidin
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Endowed with intelligence, man yearns to understand his very own existence - his origin, the reason for his creation and his aims in life. The Creator of the universe, Allah the Almighty depicts man's existence in the most comprehensive manner in His revealed Book, the Quran. Only through this true revealed knowledge that man's anxiety over his existence could be abated. No religion facilitates man in fulfilling the purpose of his creation better than Islam.


Chapter 1 - Allah SWT The Creator, The All-Powerful, The Most Just and Most Wise

Chapter 2 - Mankind and Religion

Chapter 3 - Why Islam and Only Islam?

Chapter 4 - Mankind was Created upon the Pure "Fitrah" (The Human Nature)

Chapter 5 - What are the Tools of Guidance that Man's Fitrah is Equipped With?

Chapter 6 - Islam is the Religion of "Fitrah" for Mankind

Chapter 7 - Man was Created upon Tawheed (Monotheism): Satan Caused Him to Deviate

Chapter 8 - Satan's Mission: a Success Story

Chapter 9 - The Mission of Allah's Prophets: to Salvage Mankind and Return Them to the Straight Path of Tawheed

Chapter 10 - Human Obligation: to Make the Right Choice and Act Upon It

Chapter 11 - Reality that Awaits

Chapter 12 - No Argument, No Excuse or Justification for Man Not to Have Faith in Allah SWT and Be Righteous

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